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Monday, January 12, 201512:35 AM(View: 3343)
news-3Clothing or clothing is to wear items such as pants, shirts, skirts, ... to teams such as caps, hats, scarves, ... and to go as shoes, sandals, boots, ... In addition, clothing can also add a belt, gloves, jewelry, ... The most basic functions of dress is to protect the body. Next, in costume also has aesthetic beauty to people.

Because of cultural differences, costumes of each country, local differences. The reason stems from differences in history, the level of civilization, economics, geography, climate, religion, customs and practices ... Costumes are also things that can help identify the class, the class of the wearer.
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Monday, January 12, 201512:32 AM(View: 2785)
From the 18th century, France could see as Europe's leading fashion as art, architecture, music and dress of the French court at Versailles affect Europe.
Monday, January 12, 201512:27 AM(View: 1798)
Fashion Week, called in English "fashion week", is an event of the fashion industry. The event lasted nearly a week and an opportunity for the designers, famous fashion brands launched new collections and to capture the customers the latest fashion trends. The fashion week the most prominent place in the fashion capital of the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris.