The capital of fashion and luxury

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Paris is often cited as the fashion capital of the world. Here the focus of the famous model, fashion performances and important high-fashion stores.

From the 18th century, France could see as Europe's leading fashion as art, architecture, music and dress of the French court at Versailles affect Europe. The travelers to Paris and take the clothes and then tailor the local clones. Go to the railways and steam ships traveling in Europe to help easier, wealthy women who sought to Paris to buy clothes. The tailor is considered the leading French and Parisian dress influence
Go to Belle Epoque era, through magazines, fashion, Paris became the norm for all women in major cities around the world. Mid-19th century, high-fashion tailor-made Haute couture in Paris, although it is the father of Charles Frederick Worth, an English tailor. Then the Haute couture designers such as Lanvin in Paris, Chanel, Dior ... serial. In the postwar era, in the 1960s, the Paris designer of the next generation such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Givenchy ... continue to influence the entire fashion industry. Chanel store in Vendôme Square.

Today, Haute couture is protected by law and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie) management. Though she shared with a few other large cities, but Paris remains the fashion capital. The tourists still come here to shop. Group business world's leading luxury LVMH headquartered in Paris also.

A few neighborhoods of Paris attracts many luxury stores. Firms such as Cartier jewelry, nutritional van, Chanel ... located in the city square and Vendôme addition Paix. Avenue Montaigne in District 8 with shops of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Dior, Prada, Valentino, Nina Ricci ... Faubourg-Saint-Honoré Street in the presence of Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana ... First the Champs-Élysées also stores Cartier, Montblanc, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss with special attractions.

Paris is also a shopping center with a system known shops like Galeries Lafayette, Printemps ... along the commercial center Les Halles, La Défense ... In the 19th century, the modern store appearance in Paris as a revolutionary idea. The modern store, with a combination of breadth and depth, record prices clear, stable, diversified, exhibiting in the space, luxury ... pioneered by Le Bon Marché in 1852. Next to the shop of La Samaritaine, Galeries Lafayette ... The writer Emile Zola Au Bonheur des novel Dames in 1883 also described the life of a worker in a big store. Today, there are 5 Paris university system stores: Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marché, La Samaritaine ipsum dolor sit amet and BHV.Lorem, consectetur adipiscing elit. CRAs laoreet sagittis ullamcorper. Ornare Sed augue in urna nterdum velit placerat tincidunt ac. Mattis Mattis lectus Nullam eget odio ac viverra pharetra ante. Ut sollicitudin, nec nunc condimentum molestie, Tellus Tempus dui dolor, lorem condimentum porta erat at Justo. Semper tincidunt Vivamus ligula. Nulla facilisi. In cursus in sapiens. Curabitur vitae sed diam bibendum luctus lacus. Malesuada Nunc, magna eu iaculis commodo, magna mauris laoreet velit, quis lectus blandit mi at climbing. Quisque porta vehicula est, ornare hendrerit faucibus a sem. Nunc congue bibendum congue. Duis erat dolor sed, sit amet Tempus tortor. Bibendum massage Nunc vel consequat sit amet faucibus Tellus consectetur Orci. Nunc sed felis congue sagittis sagittis. Ut pulvinar augue sed rhoncus massage Tellus vel consequat sit amet faucibus consectetur Orci. Nunc sed felis congue sagittis sagittis. Gravida augue sed rhoncus Ut pulvinar.
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Clothing or clothing is to wear items such as pants, shirts, skirts, ... to teams such as caps, hats, scarves, ... and to go as shoes, sandals, boots, ... In addition, clothing can also add a belt, gloves, jewelry, ... The most basic functions of dress is to protect the body. Next, in costume also has aesthetic beauty to people.
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Fashion Week, called in English "fashion week", is an event of the fashion industry. The event lasted nearly a week and an opportunity for the designers, famous fashion brands launched new collections and to capture the customers the latest fashion trends. The fashion week the most prominent place in the fashion capital of the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris.